To ensure that we offer to our customers a secure and quiet environment, we will apply our rules vigorously. We would like to thank you for reading and accepting those rules before proceeding with your reservation.

• Dogs are allowed on leash

• The gate opens at any time to exit / Allows entry only 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. (parking available)
• Speed limit on campground: 8 km/h
• No bicycle after darkness
• It is prohibited to drink and/or carry alcohol other than on your site

• Quiet time from 11 pm to 7:30 am
• At all times, no loud noise that can disturb the neighbours
• No group around the fire passed 10:30 pm

Camp fire
• Only small fires are accepted: the flame must not be higher than one foot over the fireplace
• The fire must be under surveillance at all times and must not be fed after quiet time
• The fireplace is not garbage: it is prohibited to burn your wastes

• Pick up your wastes (butts cigarettes are garbage)
• Garbage must be disposed in designed area at the exit
• It is prohibited to dispose your wastes in the facilities garbages

Water and sewer
• It is prohibited to use a garden hose
• Verify that there is no leak of water on your equipment
• Sewer airtight system for sewer connection is required

Visitors must check in upon arrival, pay their visit and leave before 10 pm

Arrival time 13:30 and departure 13:00